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Basket and Ball

Basic information about Basket and Ball

Basket and Ball will give you a new experience of a basketball game where you control the ball that has just collected stars and put the ball into the basket.

This game will bring you a completely different experience from the basketball games you have ever played, here you do not need to play the role of basketball player, you directly play as a ball. This game has many different levels and these levels only open when you complete the mission of the previous level. Your task is to control the ball through obstacles and move it into the basket. The obstacles of the game will be added through different levels, you must not let this ball hit the obstacle, otherwise, it will fail. As such, this game requires you to be able to control flexibly and quickly before challenges. This game is currently available on the Basketball Random Unblocked website, please join this website and conquer interesting challenges.

Game Instructions

The game also has a fairly simple gameplay when you use the keys on the keyboard to control the character. You use the arrow left or right to control your ball to move left or right. You do not use the up arrow key to jump up but you use the SPACE key to jump up, you can also click the SPACE button repeatedly to make your ball fly higher. Although the up arrow key has no effect, you can use the down arrow key to have your ball move down immediately. These arrow keys can be combined at the same time, so use them effectively. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that when you bring the ball to the mouth of the basket, you need to do everything very gently so that the ball does not fly out.