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Basket Slam

About Basket Slam

The challenges that you have to face

Basket Slam is a basketball simulation game that you should not miss, where you throw the ball into a crossbar and make it fly into the basket.

This game will help you relieve stress by throwing the ball into a basket. Same playing method but this game is completely different from other basketball games. While other games require you to force and throw the ball into the basket or control a character and put it in the basket, this game requires you to throw the ball into a bar at the bottom of the screen and make it hit the basket. This game requires you to have good geometry as you have to align well to get the ball into the basket. In addition, you also have to adjust the force accordingly so that the ball after touching the basket will not bounce out. So playing this game you will practice both math and physics. This game is so fun, what are you waiting for without playing it? Access the Basket Random Unblocked website and play this game.

Learn the rules of this game

For each match, you will have a maximum of 14 balls, it won't matter if you miss. For each ball into the basket, you will be counted, but on the point of the ball falling into the basket, each ball will get a separate score. When you don't hit the ball in the basket, you won't get any points. Your total score will be summed up after 14 pitches, the highest total score will be saved and displayed on the screen. This is also the next goal that you have to conquer, each time you play you will have to work harder to be able to create a higher score than the score you have ever created.

Bring the ball into the basket

The gameplay of this game is also simple when you just need to align the angle and put the ball into the basket. A horizontal bar is arranged at the bottom of the screen, you throw the ball into this bar and make it bounce into the basket. This crossbar will change position after each throw, sometimes it will be near the basket sometimes it will be far away from the basket, making it difficult for you to throw the ball into the basket. The ball will not appear directly on the screen, but it will only appear after you have finished aligning the force. You use the mouse and click a point on the screen to fix the ball position, then you drag the mouse to align the force. Once you have aligned the force, you release the mouse so that the ball will be able to fly towards the basket, you repeat this action until all the balls are in the basket.