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Basketball Beans

Have fun in Basketball Beans

Some descriptions

Basketball Beans is an exciting basketball game of beans, where the beans have to fight each other and get a higher score when the time is up.

This is a new game on the Basketball Random Unblocked website, so it has a similar gameplay to its original game. However, you no longer control the professional athletes of the NBA tournament but control the counties. These beans will be divided into two teams, normally each team will have 3 people. The task of the beans in this game is to run around the field and prevent the opponent from putting the ball into the basket. At the same time, you also have to try to score as many goals as possible, at the end of the time the team that scores more points will win.

The rules of this game

Your pea character will appear on a 3 vs 3 field, it must be the task of dribbling and preventing other opponents from putting the ball into the goal. You use the mouse to move your character, when your character touches and the ball it will automatically lead the ball. When leading the ball near the opponent's basket, you left-click to throw the ball into the basket. You note that the ball will be thrown in the direction of your movement, so take a moment to aim to be able to throw the ball more accurately.

Custom your own game

After the end of the match, you will receive the reward of diamonds, the winner will receive more diamonds. These diamonds will help you buy different skins, the skins in the store will be divided into 3 types. The first type is the skin for the basketball, even if you are playing basketball, you can still turn your ball into a tennis ball or a soccer ball, as long as you have money. The default basketball of the game will be free, the remaining balls cost between 300 and 400 diamonds. Next comes the hats, which can be hats and it can also be headbands, and they have an average price of 200 diamonds. Finally, the outfit for your character, these outfits are the most desirable because it has the ability to change the skin color for your destiny. This function allows you to dress up as many different characters such as a black professional athlete or a difficult boss. Comes with interesting features, and its price is not cheap, these outfits range in price from 150 diamonds to 400 diamonds. Join the matches and customize this game to your own style.

I have a way to help you earn more diamonds in this game that is by doing quests. Tasks such as winning 10 times, throwing the ball into the basket 20 times, and participating in 30 matches will bring you between 100 and 300 diamonds, respectively. As you complete these quests, new ones will be added automatically.