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Basketball FRVR

The principle of Basketball FRVR

Basketball FRVR is a game related to basketball, you swipe to orient and guide the ball into the basket to score the highest possible score.

This game has a fairly simple configuration when you put a ball in the middle of the picture and a basket is hung on the wall. This basket has the ability to move to many different positions on the wall, but this basket only changes position when you put the ball into the basket. You swipe the mouse to orient, you swipe the mouse in any direction, the ball will move in that direction. The force acting on the ball will depend on how you swipe the mouse, the faster you swipe the mouse, the stronger the impact force. Each time you put the ball into the basket, you will receive a bonus point and it will be accumulated through the times the ball is put into the basket. This game will end when you get the ball out of the basket and your score will be totaled.

Earn money to buy skin

You pay attention to the coin at the bottom of the basket, when the ball moves over the basket it will collect this coin. These coins will help you change the skin for the ball, these skins have different designs and prices. With fifty coins you can buy a ball, if you spend another fifty coins, you will buy a bowling ball for one hundred coins. If you are a fruit lover, you can buy a watermelon for two hundred coins. A new experience when playing volleyball is to control the soccer ball, this ball costs five hundred coins. Each time you put the ball into the basket, you will receive a coin, so try to put in as many baskets as possible to achieve your favorite ball.