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Basketball Master

Participate in the mission of Basketball Master

Salient features

An interesting game called Basketball Master is waiting for you to discover, your task in this game is to put balls of different levels into the basket.

This game requires you to adjust the direction of the ball so that it can bounce into the basket. However, you also have to face different obstacles in this game. These obstacles can be wooden sticks or moving opponents, they will prevent your ball from entering the basket. You may fail the first time you put the ball in the basket but don't give up, as long as you are determined you can overcome it. This game is now available on Basketball Random Unblocked website, play and conquer all these obstacles.

Introduce the obstacles

These obstacles will appear on different levels, however, they will not appear in level one. Like other games, level one is always the easiest level, it allows you to get used to the gameplay of this game. Then you will be acquainted with the challenges of different levels. These obstacles will not appear alone, but they will combine to make you unable to overcome them. Obstacles such as wooden sticks or shards of ice will completely change the direction of the ball, but you can also destroy them. The most difficult obstacles in the game are other opponents, they can move and you can not pass either. All these obstacles will be combined in one level, if you don't have good skills then you won't be able to pass it.

Complete mission

A ball has been placed in a fixed position on the screen, you drag the mouse to aim and put the ball into the basket. If you apply a moderate amount of force, your ball can travel through the ice and destroy it. However, after moving through these icebergs, the force of the ball may be reduced, so when aiming you must also consider this reduced force. You can break the wooden stick, but it can also cause your ball to lose all its impact and fall, in which case you lose. Another obstacle is the opponents, you can not stop them, so watch the ball so that you don't move over their position. Come on, on the map there are also trampolines, it helps you increase the flying speed of the ball and put it in the basket faster.