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Blumgi Ball

Some things you need to know about Blumgi Ball

The obstacles and gameplay

Blumgi Ball is the game that will delight you with its professional and fun gameplay, you will control any character and put the ball into the basket.

In this game, you control a character, who has to jump over countless obstacles and throw the ball into the basket. You use the mouse and drag in the direction you want to throw the ball to align, as soon as you release the mouse, the ball will fly in the direction you specify. The special thing about this game is that you can throw the ball at any position, this means that just by clicking your mouse, your character will instantly move to the position of the ball and grab the ball. ball. While you align, the ball will also drift with the character so you also have to align the distances that have drifted between the ball and the basket. You need to put the ball in the basket to score points and unlock different characters, focus on the task to be able to unlock many characters.

Unlock new character

Each time you put the ball into the basket, you will receive experience points, full experience points will give you the opportunity to unlock different characters. The default character of this game is ninja you will be controlling him from the beginning of this game. In addition, the game also has a number of other character types for you to choose from such as the frog, the bear, and the old man, and so on. These characters are unlocked in turn according to the number of experience points, so you cannot choose the character you like until you have unlocked all the characters. Many different characters are still hidden in the experience chests so you have to try to improve your abilities.

Different from Basketball Random Unblocked

This is a basketball game like Basketball Random Unblocked but it has a completely different way of playing. Although the game Basketball Random Unblocked allows you to control different characters, it is completely passive. This means you can make your characters move but it doesn't move as you want. Moreover, controlling many characters at the same time also makes you unable to control the direction of the ball. Whereas the Blumgi Ball game only requires you to control one character, you can easily drag and adjust your character to your liking. This also makes it easier for you to score points, what are you waiting for without playing this game?