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Bouncing Balls

Some features of Bouncing Balls

Are you ready for exciting missions in the Bouncing Balls game? Let's control the cannon and destroy bubbles in clusters to get the highest score.

The mission of this game will be divided into many different levels, but these levels will not be saved. The appearance of these levels is also just to divide the task that you have to do. Every time you pass 2 levels the game will create a new type of ball, which makes it difficult for you to destroy the ball by color. For example, in level 1 you only need to destroy 3 colored bubbles, red, yellow, and blue, but in level 3 you will have to destroy a new type of green bubble. Similarly, to level 5 you will continue to have to destroy more pink bubbles, the appearance of pink bubbles will increase the number of bubbles you have to break to 5. Just like that, the number of bubbles that you have to destroy will increase with the level you reach. Another interesting thing is that your score will be accumulated through different levels, when you fail, the total score you earn through levels will be aggregated.

How to destroy all the bubble

The way to destroy these bubbles is also very simple, you just need to pay attention to the bubbles inside the cannon. Based on the color of its bubble you determine the shooting position, you use the mouse to aim and left-click to activate the cannon. When a bullet hit a cluster of bubbles with 2 or more of the same color, these bubbles will disappear. Right below the hot bullet is the next ball, once these bubbles appear, it will not change color, even if there are no bubbles of the same color on the board. The way to solve it is to aim at a bunch of bubbles of the same color standing next to each other and then shoot bubbles of the same color as that bubble. When you explode the bubble boss, the ball of different colors below must also disappear. You should remember that these bubbles are suspended on a piston and it will gradually move to your cannon. If you let this piston hit the cannon, you lose instantly. If you destroy all the bubbles on the piston, you will be taken to the next level.