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Bricks Breaking

About Bricks Breaking

Bricks Breaking gives you very simple tasks of breaking all bricks with different colors on the board. Do not hesitate to play this fun game.

In this game, square bricks with different colors will be placed on a 15X15 board. Initially, the game only gives you bricks with 3 colors: red, yellow, and blue. You have to destroy all these bricks to complete the levels of the game. After going through many different levels the game will be renovated with many new colors, which makes it difficult for you to destroy the bricks. When the game is updated with new bricks, you should spend more time thinking about how to destroy these bricks because this game will not count your brick-breaking time but it will count your lives.

Play this intriguing game

Destroy all bricks

You left-click on the link of bricks of the same color and it will automatically disappear. Even if you click on a brick it can disappear, but the effects they bring will be completely different. If you click on a location where there are more than two bricks of the same color standing next to each other, they will disappear and give you a score. But if you just click where there is a brick, it will still disappear and go to a star again on the left side of the screen. When you lose all these stars, the game is over.

Some tips to destroy the brick

You can easily destroy these bricks by clicking on them, the condition for these bricks to be destroyed is that there must be at least two bricks standing next to each other. You will also get points while destroying bricks, the more bricks you destroy in one click, the higher the score you will get. Each time you play you will have 5 lives, and you will use these 5 lives through different levels, you only lose when you use up these 5 lives. In addition, the game also creates a boost, this boost will help you earn more money each time you destroy bricks.