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Candy Pets

Discover Candy Pets

The stranger world

Candy Pets will take you into a strange world where you have to collect pets by arranging them in a line with at least 3 pets of the same type.

The pets of different kinds will appear on a board. Usually, the pets will be dogs and cats, but in this game, your task will have to collect pets that are fallen, frogs, and so on. You collect them by using the mouse and changing the position of the pets on the board, when forming a chain of 3 or more pets standing next to each other they will disappear from the map.

Conquer the levels

In addition, you also have the opportunity to take on challenges through different levels, each level will have its own type of task. These quests are completely random and you can only find out what it is when participating in the quest. One thing that you need to know is that once you complete a mission you can no longer play at that level.

Introduce types of missions

There are 3 main types of missions in this game, the first type is to collect scores, this is the easiest type, you just need to achieve the required number of points to be able to pass the level. Each time you collect a pet you will have 10 points, but if you form a combo, this score will change. In the 2nd combo turn that you get from a pet is 20 points and 30 points in the 3rd combo. The second challenge is to collect pets by type, when you encounter this challenge you should form a There are 5 types of pets standing next to each other. At this point, a power-up will appear and help you collect a pet you want on the board. The final challenge is to collect lollipops, you just need to let the lollipops down to the bottom of the board to complete the challenge of the game.