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Cannon Basketball 2

Overall Cannon Basketball 2

The Cannon Basketball 2 game is sure to bring you moments of great entertainment where you use a cannon gun and shoot balls into the basket.

This is a new game on the Basketball Random Unblocked website, it is inspired by basketball games but it has a completely different way of playing. Your task is still to put the balls into the basket, but you will have to control a cannon. By aligning the force for this gun you can put the ball in the basket and score. This game requires you to combine many different skills to be able to put the ball into the basket. In addition, this game also has many challenges arranged in many different levels and the difficulty will also increase with each level. Do not be afraid to join this game and conquer these exciting challenges.

Combine different skills to overcome obstacles

A basket is placed anywhere on the map and there will be obstacles in front of the basket. These obstacles will prevent the ball from reaching the basket and you need to remove these obstacles to complete the challenge. The cannon will be placed in the lower corner of the screen and you also need to release the balls and collect the stars. Your number of shots is unlimited, so you can shoot the ball continuously to get the ball into the basket. You use the mouse to determine the direction of movement of the cannon and determine the force of the ball. When you identify the obstacles on the screen, you shoot the ball at the button to change the direction of the obstacle. The baskets will be located near the obstacles, so the alignment of the force is also very important. In short, this game requires you to combine many different skills to be able to overcome this challenge.