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Cars Simulator

Join the dramatic race in Cars Simulator

You will never regret to join the amazing driving journey in the Cars Simulator game where you can drive different vehicles through different types of terrain.

This game is a driving simulator where you can participate in intense car races. Like other racing games, you just have to try to drive fast and be the first to finish. You use some keys on the screen to control your car, in which you use the arrow keys to navigate your car. You can also use the Space key to handbrake, the C key to change the camera, and so on. To sum up, this game requires you to practice driving a lot to be a good racer.

About terrains and cars

This game has three main terrains: desert, grassland, and city, basically, these terrains all have obstacles, but they only differ in scenery. In the desert map, the scene is quite primitive with sand and dry branches. The grassland map will have more trees and it also has lowlands that make your car more susceptible to falling there. Finally, the city map with houses makes you be careful not to crash into these houses. You can select the map at the start of the game, to change the map while playing, you need to press the R key to reset the game.

Similar to three contexts, you also have three cars to choose from, these cars have the same characteristics and it is only different in appearance. These three cars are police cars, old cars, and rallies, you can press one, two, or three to change between these cars. Press one key to drive the rally car, key two to drive the police, and key three to drive the old car.