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Clicker Heroes

Destroy the monsters in Clicker Heroes

Are you ready for moments of entertainment with the Clicker Heroes game? You will have the opportunity to destroy many types of monsters in many different lands.

In this game, you will play the role of heroes, who must go and destroy monsters. These monsters will appear in many different lands and regions. In each land, the monsters will also be divided into levels, the higher the level, the more blood the monster will have. This means that it will take you longer to kill the monster. After passing 4 levels you need to face the final boss at level 5 to be able to unlock new lands. These monsters have superior health compared to small monsters, you have to combine manual fighting and buying support measures. Some of the basic lands of this game are Forest, swarm, and so on, in addition, there are countless other mysterious lands. You join this game on the Basketball Random Unblocked website to discover it

You destroy the monsters in this game by the manual method which is using the mouse and clicking on the monster. With each click, the monster's health will lose a little bit until it runs out of health and you get the money. You can also use money to buy support rights, but it is quite expensive and you need to hit high-level monsters to get money. Similar to the leveling of monsters, you also need to upgrade your tools to be able to quickly destroy the monsters.

Buy and upgrade your heroes

After defeating the youkai, their bodies will be broken into coins. You collect these coins and buy other equipment to help you kill the monsters faster. The warriors that you can buy are Treebeast, Ivan, Brittany, and so on. The damage these warriors deal will vary according to the amount of money you spend. In addition, you should also upgrade these warriors to maximize the amount of damage done. These warriors are also divided by level, the amount of money you use to upgrade will also increase gradually with each level. The higher you upgrade, the faster you kill the monsters. There are countless different types of warriors and monsters, play and explore them all.

I recommend you unlock more new lands, although these monsters will be harder to destroy, however, it will bring you more money. As such, you can also upgrade your heroes and kill these monsters faster, all your investment is worth it.