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Color Burst 3D

Color Burst 3D helps you train your reflexes

Don't miss the exciting challenges in the Color Burst 3D game. This game will create difficult challenges and test your reflexes. Are you ready?

Your task in this game is to control a ball going through different circles. The circle is divided into different colors, the basic colors of the game are purple, red, yellow, and blue. On the ring there can be 2 colors, 3 colors, or 4 colors but the number of points you get. Each time the ball moves through the hoop you will get one point, depending on how many points you are getting, the difficulty of the game will increase. This difficulty will increase by increasing the movement speed of the ball or adding color to the rings, Whatever the challenge, I believe it will not be difficult for you.

This is a fast-speed game so it will help you train your reflexes. The ball moves at a very fast speed so you also have to quickly locate it. Besides, you also have to move very accurately, you can determine the right position, but if you control the mouse in the wrong position, you can also fail. As this game requires you to have precise hand movements and good reflexes.

Control your ball at high-speed

Your ball will move at a fast speed forward, you drag the mouse to change the position of the ball. This ball will only move on a circle, whether you drag the star left or right, the ball can only move on this circle. The condition for this ball to move through these game rounds is that the ball must be the same color as the ring. The ring will have different color patches, usually, they will have from 2 to 4 colors. Each time moving through the ring the ball will change color once, you must move the ball to the same color position above the ring to be able to penetrate. If the ball touches an area of a different color, the game will end immediately.