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Color Pop

The features of Color Pop

Don't be afraid to play Color Pop and take part in exciting challenges, where you will have to explode colorful blocks and score high scores.

The elements appearing in this game are square blocks with 3 different colors, these 3 boxes have 3 colors: blue, green, and red. These blocks will appear intertwined or they may appear in clusters. You can destroy blocks of the same color that appear together as long as there are more than 3 blocks of the same color standing next to each other. When destroying these blocks you will also get points, the more blocks you destroy in one click, the more points you will get. Especially if you form a combo, your score can be much higher, the highest score will be summed up and saved on the main screen. What are you waiting for without immediately logging into Basketball Random Unblocked web page and playing this game?

Destroy blocks with power-ups

You enter the mouse to destroy the blocks, but you also need to come up with reasonable strategies to achieve high scores. Each time you destroy all the stars on the board, you will get 3 stars, each of which can bring you 500 points. To be able to destroy all these blocks the game also provides you with pre-set power-ups in the board. When you activate the gray bomb it will destroy all the blocks around it, and if you activate the colored bomb, it will destroy all the boxes with the same color as the bomb on the screen. You collect watches to increase your playtime, each clock will give you 2 seconds. The last power-up is the box containing the arrows, the box with the horizontal arrow will destroy a row containing the corresponding blocks. The box with a 4-way arrow icon will help you destroy the blocks around it with a range of 2.