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Duck Digger

Play Duck Digger

The principle

Duck Digger is a basketball game inspired by the gold digger game. Here, you will have to dig sand tunnels to guide the ball into the basket.

This game is a combination of basketball and gold-digging, where you will have to do everything to get the ball into the basket. Unlike basketball matches in Basketball Random Unblocked, you need to create tunnels to get the ball into the basket. A basket has been placed at the bottom of the screen, you use the mouse to create sand tunnels. You will not be able to apply force to the ball directly, you can only rely on gravity or force from another force. To evaluate your ability to complete the mission, the game created stars in the tunnel. If you collect all 3 stars then you have completed the mission with a maximum score. Sometimes the stars are in positions that are too difficult to reach, you can also ignore them, you should just focus on the task of putting the ball in the basket. If you are stuck in one position for too long then the game will judge you as a loser.

Your challenges at the levels

This game also creates obstacles to challenge you. These obstacles will gradually be revealed as you go through different levels. These obstacles can be rocks or wooden bars. You can pass by avoiding them or making them fall. In general, these obstacles appear to test your problem-solving abilities, so deal with them intelligently.

Tips and tricks

This game is played in many different levels, low level is easy, and you can easily pass these levels. Difficult obstacles are waiting to close you at the high level so you should familiarize yourself with the gameplay of this game before reaching the high level. Sometimes you will face both stone and wooden obstacles, you can take advantage of these obstacles to navigate for your ball. As I said above, you can't directly apply force to the ball so you can only rely on these obstacles. The wooden slats are usually located between the ball and the basket. You should tunnel from one end of the stick and turn it into a slope so your ball can roll over it. The stones will be in a higher position than the ball, you should create a sealed cellar. That is, you create a tunnel but do not let it go directly to the position of the ball, but have to cover it. After creating the tunnel, you open the tunnel door to let the stone fall from above and impact your ball.