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Element Blocks

Formation of elements

Arrange the element blocks in the board to complete the task in the game Element Blocks, you must try to destroy as many elemental blocks as you can.

This game includes six main types of elements: fire, wind, snow, leaves, rain, and sun, each element will have its own representative color. According to fire properties, it will be that color and the sun will be orange. In contrast to the fire elements, the elements belonging to the water destiny will have a cool wave-like color that will be blue and the snow will be silvery white. The combination of water and fire will create the element set and it is purple. The last element of this game is the leaf and it is green. These elements will have the ability to assimilate with each other when you remove them from the table. It doesn't matter what type of element you remove, you just have to try to break as many elemental blocks as you can. This task is very simple, so join the basketball random unblocked website to complete these tasks.

Assimilate elemental blocks and clear them from the board

These elements will be placed next to a 9x9 board and your task is to arrange the element blocks on this board to destroy them. These elemental blocks will appear in the order of 3 one by one and they will only appear as new blocks when you finish arranging these 3 blocks. This is also a challenge for you because these elemental blocks will have different shapes, if there is not enough space in the board to arrange these element blocks, you will also fail. You remove these elemental blocks by forming lines with 9 same-type blocks standing next to each other. The last element type arranged in the row will assimilate all the cubes and remove them. Use your mouse to drag elemental blocks onto the board and use your wits to clear as many elemental blocks as possible.