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Levels you can play

Evolvo is the evolutionary journey of a tadpole in the deep sea, in this dangerous place, it must avoid big fish and hunt small fish to upgrade itself.

This game is about the evolution of a fish in the vast ocean, it will have to start from a tadpole until it grows into the strongest creature in the open sea. It will have a pretty rough start because its small size will become prey for other types of creatures. This game creates 4 challenges for you which are easy, normal, hard, and insane, the difficulty of these levels is determined by the movement speed of the fish in the tank. When you first approach you can play in easy mode to get used to the mechanics of the game, once you get used to the gameplay you can try out insane mode. Try out these fun modes by joining the Basketball Random Unblocked website.

Control the fish to become the strongest predator in the ocean

If you have played other predatory fish games then you will find this game familiar as you control your fish with the arrow keys. In addition, the fish in this game also has a power-up, so you use the Space key to activate this function. The rule of this game is that you hunt smaller fish and avoid bigger fish, if you touch a fish your size, nothing will happen.

Stages of fish development

The first stage is the tadpole, this is your hardest stage when you have to stay on the bottom of the sea and face the most dangerous monsters. You have to move smartly to avoid bigger fish and hunt smaller fish than you. When you have hunted enough fish, your tadpole will evolve to stage 2, where you have evolved into a fish and can move to the surface of the water. This means that your hunting area has expanded and your size has also become larger and you can also go back to attack some monsters in stage 1. In stage 3, you will there is one more special function, when you press the space key you will become invincible for a short time. During this time, you can attack and eat any creature in the sea, but you need to pay attention to the time to stay away from the big fish when this ability disappears. In the final stage of evolution you will gain an extra life when hunting, this means that when you are eaten by larger fish you will not die, but this only happens once.