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Fall Beans

Difficult Challenges in Fall Beans

Conquer the qualifiers

Fall Beans takes you to the challenge of survival in an arena where you must overcome traps and reach the finish line first to be the champion.

Players will have to go through many different races in this game, each race will have a different limit. In the first race, you will face 19 other opponents, at the end of this race the number of players remaining will be 10. In this round, the player must quickly move through the doors and the wheel and move to the finish line. After determining the first 10 people to finish, we will come to the second round. In this round, players will stand on a stage in the air, on either side of the arena are the cars. The screen shows different types of fruit. When the screen shows any fruit you have to move to the position of that fruit in the arena. The player will be disqualified if the player does not move to the correct position of the fruit or is dropped from the arena.

The last round

This round only takes the best 3 players to find the ultimate winner. The competition between the opponents will be lower, but the excitement in this match will increase. The players will try to fight for the top position so this round will be more dramatic than ever. The rules of this round are completely mysterious, play and discover this challenge.

Help your character overcome the challenges

This game allows you to play both on smart devices and computers, if playing with a smartphone or tablet, you use your finger to control your character on the screen. You will directly drag your character to move in the direction you want. If you play on the computer, you will control your character by combining the keyboard and mouse. Controlling with the keys will become more difficult because the key movement functions also change according to your character's direction. As such, you need to determine the situation due to the character's move before deciding on the move key. No matter what game you play, you will encounter difficulties at the beginning of the game, once you get used to the mechanics of the game, you will easily overcome obstacles.