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Find Differences

About Find Differences

Your mission

Find Differences challenges your eye when you have to find the difference between 2 pictures. Are you confident that you can overcome this challenge?

If you are bored with the endless adventures in World Of Mario, then let's come to the Find Differences game. In this game, you will be exposed to many pictures with many different genres, the pictures will be duplicated into 2 copies. However, between these 2 pictures there will be some differences, your task is to find the difference between these 2 pictures. This is not an easy task, please do your best to complete this task as quickly as possible.

The benefit when playing Find Differences

You may not know, but this game will help you develop a lot of personal skills. While you find the differences between the 2 pictures you will improve your reflexes and judgment. When you have access to many pictures, you will draw your own experience and also find out the principles of the game, thereby forming the ability to solve problems. Finally, exposure to colorful pictures will help you stimulate creative thinking.

Find the differences between the two pictures

Two nearly identical pictures will be placed on either side of the screen, one of which will have some missing parts. You have to find these points and use your mouse to click and place them on the screen to mark them. The points that are changed are often small details that you will sometimes not notice. These details are often changed color or completely disappeared from the picture. Each picture will have different characteristics and a different number of errors. The more pictures you complete, the more bugs you will have to find and the harder these traits will be to find. What are you waiting for without immediately joining this game and challenging yourself?