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Fish Eat Grow Big

Some descriptions of Fish Eat Grow Big

Don't miss a great survival game called Fish Eat Grow Big, where you need to hunt and become the biggest creature in the sea. Are you ready for it?

This is a dramatic survival game where you have to try to survive and become the ruler of the ocean. You need to find creatures of lower value than you and avoid creatures of greater value than you. This game also allows you to play the game with your friends as it has three different controls. You can invite your friends and compete against each other because the bigger fish have the ability to eat the smaller fish so whoever survives longer will be the winner. Play the game in this game and strengthen your friendship with your friends.

You need to follow the rule

You will start your life with a small fish worth 5, now you can only eat fish 2 smaller than you. The first time you eat a big fish your worth will be increased by the exact value of the fish you just ate, and then the next fish you will receive half the value. For example, when you have a value of five, if you eat a fish that is worth 2 then you will get 2 more value points, and the next fish you will get 1 point. However, the number of points received will decrease according to the size of the fish you eat. When you have low value you should avoid the higher value fish, you come back to attack these fish when you have a greater value than them. In addition to these high-value fish, the game also creates carnivorous fish, it has the ability to chase you and it will appear within 5 to 7 seconds. No matter how valuable you are, you will die when you touch this fish.