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Flappy Birdie

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Flappy Birdie is a fun game where you have to overcome challenges with bamboo sticks, you click on the screen to make the bird fly up and overcome obstacles.

This game is inspired by the once-hot game called Flappy Bird, this game retains the gameplay but also creates many interesting challenges for you. You still control a bird and it must move in the air with many obstacles. This bird will be able to move forward automatically in a downward direction, however, the tendency to fall to the ground will be higher than the tendency to move forward. You need to click to keep your character from falling to the ground. When you click on the screen, the bird will fly up. However, the bird can fly up very quickly and can also fall down very quickly, so you must align your actions properly to not lose. This game also takes place in two different modes with different controls and I will introduce it now.

Discover two modes

This game has two modes, it is arcade and classic. Classic mode has similar gameplay to the game Flappy Bird. You control your bird to overcome a single obstacle: bamboo sticks. These bamboo sticks will appear dense and leave some space in the middle of the screen so you can move between these bamboo sticks. You will play until you cannot overcome these obstacles, your highest score will be saved and displayed on the outside of the screen.

Arcade mode will divide these obstacles into many different levels, specifically now the game has 10 levels. You will have to collect coins and collect rubies in order to open new levels. Obstacles will be set up through different levels, don't miss these exciting challenges.