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Flappy Dunk

Meet new challenge in Flappy Dunk

Flappy Dunk is a basketball game that you should not miss, it has simple gameplay and can help you relax in your free time. Are you ready for it?

This game has a simple gameplay but it is equally interesting when you control a basketball with wings. Of course, this basketball is not capable of flying on its own, you have to apply force to the ball to make it fly. Your task is to control this ball to move through the rings in the air. Each ring will correspond to one point, you must create a lot of points to be able to put your name on the leaderboard. Play this game on Basketball Random Unblocked website and make unbreakable scores.

Relax in Flappy Dunk

The principles of this game

If you have ever played the Slam Dunk Basketball game, you will easily get used to the gameplay of this game. The ball is moving in the air you use the mouse and click on the screen to make the ball fly higher and move forward. From the moment you click on the screen, the game has started, when you don't click the ball will quickly fall to the ground. You take this ball to move through the hoops to score, when you score high, the game becomes more difficult when the distance between the hoops is changed. The rings will be tilted or spaced so far apart that you can't touch them. The condition of this game is that you cannot skip this round or you will lose immediately. The second condition is that you must not let your ball fall to the ground.

Some tips

Did you know that when the ball falls vertically, its falling speed will be faster? So when you put the ball over the basket you should leave it on the side of the basket so that it has resistance and moves at a slower speed. However, when doing this move, you also have to be careful or the ball will go over the hoop and you will lose.

Only balls that are dropped into the basket from top to bottom will be counted. When the ball is moved from bottom to top, you break the rules and lose.

You click continuously to make the ball fly faster and you should also collect stars to get extra points. In case, the star appears too close to the ground, you should ignore it because the life of the ball is more important.