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Geometry Dash Breeze

All about obstacles

Geometry Dash Breeze is an adventure in the path of hell, where you must control your character to overcome all obstacles and reach the finish line safely.

Your character is a square block, it will move automatically forward, you must use the mouse to control this character to jump and overcome obstacles. The obstacles that you have to face in this game are spikes, sometimes platforms, and even monsters. The thorns are the obstacles that appear the most, you will see them scattered on the map, you just need to touch the thorn and the game will end immediately. Next are the platforms, you have to jump up and move on the platforms, otherwise you will get stuck. The monsters will lie in the valley between the two platforms, it's just waiting for you to fall and eat you. In addition, at a later stage, these obstacles have the ability to move, which makes it difficult for you to locate the obstacles and easy to lose.

Discover new maps

Currently, the game has three main maps, Over the Clouds, Into the Zone, and Ghost Ship, each of which will be opened with its own characteristics. However, all these maps have in common which is to divide the challenges into different stages. For example, your character will move on the platform in the early stages but it can also use flying saucers soon after. Obstacles are also mobile in the later stages of the game, making it difficult for you. The common task in these maps is to control your character to the finish line. This task is not easy, so use temporary checkpoints to save the distance you have traveled. If you do not use the checkpoint, the game will bring your character back to the starting point when it hits the obstacle chapter. New maps are being developed by the manufacturer, play this game and look forward to exciting new maps.