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Geometry Dash Subzero

Discover the new game Geometry Dash Subzero

Let's test your reflexes in the Geometry Dash Subzero game, you will have to control the robot to overcome all the obstacles of the Subzero swamp.

This is the next installment in the series of games from Geometry Dash Bloodbath, so the two games have quite similar gameplay where you have to control your character to overcome obstacles, These obstacles become harder than ever when they have the ability to move. Right from the beginning of the game, you have difficulty controlling your character when the obstacles appear only when you are about to move to them. The spikes are still the dangerous obstacles of the game, but they are bigger making it easier for you to crash into it. Since this is a new version, it only has one map, Subzero, new maps are being researched and developed. Although there is only one map, conquering this map is also extremely difficult, do you believe you can conquer it?

Some tips and tricks

This is an extremely difficult game so I will share some of my experiences.

The default movement speed of your character is quite fast so you can change its speed on the main screen. In the early stages, you should move slowly to get used to the mechanics of the game, moreover, these obstacles have the ability to move. You should move slowly to familiarize yourself with the map and remember all the obstacles on the way, after you get used to the map and the mechanics of the game, the new adventure officially begins.

To complete this map you need to make the taskbar ash in the upper corner of the screen reach 100%. It is difficult to complete this task in one move, so use temporary checkpoints, these checkpoints will save the distance you travel. You can also press the X key to delete the temporary checkpoint closest to you, if you don't use the checkpoint you will be returned to the starting point.