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Hexa Cars

The features of Hexa Cars

Hexa Cars will bring you wonderful moments, you will compete with many other players and try to survive for a long time on the hexagonal map.

This is a racing game but it has quite interesting gameplay. You will not participate in stressful F1 races but will participate in a hexagonal racetrack. This is a closed racetrack that is set up with hexagonal blocks. Every time you move through these hexagons, the links between them will be broken and you must move through other hexagons to avoid falling from these holes. This game has 2 different game modes, each mode has a different way of playing, but they are all the same: you have to try to become the last person standing and become the winner.

Introduce two dramatic modes

Single-player mode requires you to confront 15 other players and the friends in this game will be divided into many classes. Players will control their vehicle to move through hexagonal blocks with stable connections. Even if this map is divided into many layers, you still need to try to survive for a long time on any map. When you no longer have a way to go, you will fall to a lower map. Just like that, after falling through all the maps and falling from the air, you will lose. If you are the last person standing on this map then you will be the winner.

Two-player mode allows you to battle your friend and even yourself. This screen will be divided into two halves and these are two different maps. The left map is controlled with the WASD keys and the right map is controlled with the arrow keys. In this mode, the map has only one layer and whoever falls off the map first will be the loser.