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Hop Ball

The rule of the Hop Ball game

Hop Ball will entertain you with great melodies, where you will control the ball so that it falls onto the keyboard and continues the music.

This game has a pretty special way of playing when you need to control the ball to the right position of the keyboard. These keys will randomly appear in four frames of the keyboard and they only appear in a single fret in four frames. You can easily control the ball by moving the mouse left or right. Each time the ball hits the keyboard key will be counted as one point. If you get a high score the game will create a challenge by increasing the movement speed of the keys or these keys will move between the keys. When activating difficult mode, you need to concentrate more to overcome this challenge. This game will end when your ball does not hit the keys but flies out.

Some notes for you

I tried this game and have some experiences I want to share with you, firstly, if you want to get high scores quickly, focus on the stars on the screen. When you collect these stars, you will be added five points. When you get a high score quickly, the difficulty level will also be opened up faster. As for the speed-up mode, you just need to be familiar with the mechanics of the game to be able to easily overcome it. For moving keys, you can only focus as much as possible to get through it. These keys will gradually move towards you, so you should only move the ball when the keys are close to you to avoid slipping. In general, you just need to play a lot to become a master in this game.