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Jelly Collapse

The rule of Jelly Collapse

Create the most entertaining moments in the Jelly Collapse game, you need to click on the groups of the same type bricks and remove them from the board.

Your main task is to delete the bundles of the same color bricks in a board. These bricks have different shapes and colors, but some bricks of the same color will gather together. You use the mouse and click a cluster with the most 2 blocks of the same color standing next to each other. These bricks will be activated and will disappear from the table and form a score for you. You will play this game through many levels, your score will be increased gradually with each level. However, at some levels, you also need to perform the hidden task, this task is to bring the biscuits to the bottom of the board. This hidden mission will make the game more dramatic because it is difficult to bring this biscuit to the bottom. In general, the mission in this game is very interesting, join the Basket Random Unblocked website to play this game.

About some interesting items

On this board, there are some interesting items such as bombs or bricks with plus signs. As I said above you just need to click on at least 2 bricks of the same color and it will disappear completely. To be able to get more of these blocks, you need to click on the bricks with the plus sign. Then new blocks will appear and fill the board, if you let this board run out of bricks before reaching the required score of the level, you will fail. There are also bombs, which will help you destroy 2 layers of bricks around it bringing a high score. To create the bomb you have to destroy 10 bricks of the same color in one click. When there are enough 10 bricks, it will appear a brick with an exclamation mark, take advantage of these items to score higher.