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Katana Fruits

About Katana Fruits

Katana Fruits will entertain you by slashing different fruits, you control the knife to slash all the fruits on the screen and avoid the bomb.

This game will have six different types of fruit, the most valuable fruit is the coconut, each time you cut a coconut you will have forty points. Three other fruits worth thirty points are apple, peach, and pear. A fruit with a smaller value is an orange with a value of twenty, the lowest value is a watermelon with a price of ten points. There is also a bomb, it does not give you a score but will make you lose immediately when you touch it.

The principle of slashing fruit

Fruits such as coconuts, and apples, will appear continuously on the screen, you just need to control the mouse to cut them in half. In the early stages, these fruits will appear one by one, but when you have won a high score they will appear in a row with many different fruits. There may be two fruits appearing at the same time, and sometimes three, four, or even five fruits appear at the same time, which makes it easy to abandon the fruits. This game even lets the bombs and the balls appear together making it easy for you to hit the bomb.

The rule of this game is that you can't drop more than three balls, when you miss three you will run out of turn. In addition, if you hit the bomb, you will also lose immediately. So when the game for the bomb and the fruit appears at the same time, you must make a smart choice, if the bomb and the bomb are too close together, you should also discard the fruit. Because you have three chances to miss the fruit but you only have one chance to slash the bomb.