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Little Alchemy

Overview of Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a fun creative game in which you must create new elements from a limited set of elements and your knowledge of the world. Have a fun time!

This game will allow you to explore the world by linking and creating new substances. Initially, you are only provided with 4 basic elements, and from these 4 substances, you have to link and create new substances. In the early stages, this task is quite easy and you can link any substance together to create a new substance. The more substances appear in the table, the more difficult your task will be because there will be duplicated chemicals. In addition, the more mergers, the more compounds that belong to the same group will be created and they will not be able to bond with each other. This game will never end unless you give up, and discover as many elements as you can.

The appearance of new elements

As I previously stated, your goal in this game is to create new elements from four elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Let's use your logic and basic knowledge of the world to make as many elements as possible. When you combine two elements, a new element will appear. For example, when you combine water and earth, you get mud. After that, you can use mud and other elements to create others. You can also combine two similar elements to make a new one. When a new element is created it will also immediately appear in the chemical element composition table and you can continue to use it. However an element should only appear once, you cannot create an element that already appears in the ingredients table. This is another intriguing aspect of the game. Let's experiment and discover it by accessing the Basketball Random Unblocked website.