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Ludo Online

Introduce the Ludo Online game

What are you waiting for without playing the Ludo Online game? You have to try to get your horses to the finish line first and become the winner.

This game will be played on a square table and this table is divided into four parts, each part will be a different country. Each country will be represented by a color and the four main colors in this game are green, blue, yellow, and red. This game is divided into four moves but you don't need four people to play this game, you can play in two-player, three-player, and four-player modes. This game requires a lot of luck and strategy, invite your friends to this game to strengthen your friendship.

The rule of this game

On this board, there is a path around the map. You need to let your horse go around the map to get the horse into the stable. You use a dice to decide the number of steps your horse takes, however, to activate the horse on the road you need to roll 6 to activate your horse. After your horse has left the barn, the value that appears on the sausage is the number of steps the horse takes. If you roll the number 6, you will have another turn. When passing through the players' territory you need to be very careful because if another opponent's horse passes you it will kick you back into the stable. You can also export multiple horses at once, so you can think about your steps between horses to get to the finish line as quickly as possible. Finally, there are the steps to enter the barn. In the barn, there are 6 steps to enter the barn. You need to go through these 6 steps to enter the barn. To be able to enter the barn, you also need to roll a dice with a value equal to the distance of the horse to the barn.