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Merge Melons

Merge fruit and have fun

All kinds of fruits

Play Merge Melons and immerse yourself in the world of summer fruits. You need to rearrange the drop position of the fruits so that they merge together.

Different fruits are randomly hanging on the screen. You need to rearrange the positions of these fruits so that they can merge together. The fruits of the game are papaya, watermelon, mangosteen, and so on. These fruits will merge together according to the principle from small to large. For example, you merge 2 lemons to form 1 mangosteen. 2 mangosteens will make orange. You keep arranging it like that until the largest fruit in the game is formed, which is watermelon. Let's play and complete this mission.

How to merge the fruit

This game has a lot of different fruits and they will link together by type and size, you just need to use the mouse to adjust the position of these fruits. Random fruits will appear at the top of the screen. You drag this fruit to the position where you want it to fall on the screen, then left-click to make it fall down. After clicking the fruit will automatically fall down and can also roll in an unknown direction. When it touches fruit of the same type, it will automatically merge to create a new fruit.

Some tips and tricks

These fruits will appear in random order so you do not know which fruit will appear next. So you should arrange the fruits with small sizes above the large ones. If you stack the big fruits above the small ones, the smaller ones will get stuck and it takes up space and also prevents the big ones from touching each other. However, the process of merging these fruits can also change the inherent position that you have arranged. At this point, you should not try to change its position because it will probably make things more complicated. You should focus on the initial task and complete it, the small fruits below the big one will be annoying but it will not affect your score. This is just my little tip when playing the game, you should play the game and draw your own experience.