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Night City Racing

About Night City Racing

Night City Racing is a very realistic driving experience as you drive through different modes, you must try to reach the finish line first in all modes.

This game is fierce racing at night, it reduces your visibility but also enhances the drama of the game. The game has three different modes, in which you can choose to play alone and play two people. You have two ways to control your car: using the arrow keys and using the WASD key. You can also control two cars at the same time to increase the difficulty of the game and challenge yourself. This game is available on the Basket Random Unblocked website, join this website and play this interesting game.

Discover interesting modes

You will be racing on a single track but it is divided into 3 modes: racing, challenge, and free drive.

  • In racing mode, you will race with 5 other players and try to win first place. This mode requires you to complete two laps and so does everyone else, and the game only ends when you successfully reach the finish line. If you finish first then you win and you lose if you get any other position.
  • The next mode is Challenge, where you will have to race against another car on that track. The special thing is that this game will end when one of the two cars reaches the finish line first and if the finisher is not you, you will lose.
  • The final mode is free drive, where you will be able to drive freely, which means you don't have the pressure of time and the stress of racing. This mode allows you to get familiar with the terrain and practice your driving skills. You should improve your driving skills in this mode before participating in other modes.