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Om Nom Connect Classic

Something you need to know about this game

Don't miss out on the exciting challenges in Om Nom Connect Classic, where you need to find the position of the tiles and connect them together.

This is a game inspired by the classic Pikachu game, but the main character in this game is Om Nom. The task of this game is to connect tiles with different shapes together. These tiles are arranged haphazardly on the board, you have to find the position of the corresponding tiles and connect them together. This game will take place in many different levels, these levels will have the same play time but they will differ in the way the tiles move. In the first level, the tiles will be stationary, in the next level, these tiles can move upwards or right to left. In general, you only need to remove the tiles in the allotted time to complete the game's challenge, after completing the challenge this game will automatically take you to a new level.

The rule of Om Nom Connect Classic

This game has quite simple rules, you just need to find the same pairs of tiles and connect them to remove them from the board. However, to delete these tiles, there must not be any obstacles between them. Every time you complete the game you will receive a random reward, which can be a shuffle, a magnifying glass, or a bonus point. Shuffle will help you shuffle the tiles when there are no more connected tiles and the magnifying glass will help you find the tiles that you can't find. In fact, shuffle is very important, if there are no more connected tiles and you don't have shuffle, you lose. The time for each turn is 5 minutes, so stay calm and make the best decisions.