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Police Chase

All about Police Chase

Police Chase is a thrilling re-car experience like you've never seen before, where the road is only defined as your car moves on. Are you ready?

In this game, you will control a car moving in the sky, you control this car by controlling the mouse. In fact, you only control your car indirectly because your mouse can only control the road. However, the car moves on the road, so it also controls the car. While controlling your car you need to collect diamonds, these diamonds can be exchanged for coins when the game ends. You can use these coins to buy your favorite car in the game shop. These cars have different designs and prices, their prices range from 100 coins to 10000 coins, you have to collect a lot of diamonds to buy the car you want.

Some tips and tricks for you

While driving your car, you also encounter obstacles such as stone walls in the air, your car will explode if you collide with it. These stone walls can appear anywhere on the screen, but they often appear near diamonds. If you are a new player, you should avoid it because there are quite a few diamonds scattered on the track and you can collect it. When you have good skills then you can lose these diamonds and avoid the wall. One thing you need to pay attention to is that your road is only created when your car moves. You should avoid creating slopes suddenly, otherwise, your car will easily fly into the air and an accident will occur. The most important goal of this game is to go far, you have to go far to earn a lot of coins and buy the car you like.