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Slam Dunk Forever

Play the Slam Dunk Forever game

Slam Dunk Forever is a game inspired by the game of basketball, you just need to cut the rope connected to the ball and help the ball fall into the basket.

This game is inspired by the game of basketball but it plays a completely different way. A ball will be suspended from above and this ball will be shaken from left to right continuously. A basket will be placed at the bottom of the screen and the basket will be repositioned each time you put the ball in the basket. When you do the challenge, the thing that moves the most is the ball, you align the flight direction of the ball and then use the mouse to click on the screen to cut the rope. After the rope is cut, the ball will fall, If it hits the basket then you get two points and the basket will change position and you continue to play. If this ball is blown out, this game will be over and your highest score will be saved.

Take advantage of power-ups to get a high score

This game will have two power-ups, it plays a special role to help you play this game longer. The first power-up is a spring mattress, which costs 50 coins, and each time you buy you will have three spring plates. When you throw the ball it slides and the ball hits the pad and bounces, then it's reattached to the string and you're back to playing. Whichever pad your ball hits, that cushion will disappear and create space for your ball to fly out. Power-up follows the magnet itself, this magnet is applied to the basket. When the rope connected to the ball is cut off, the basket will move in the direction of the basket's flight. All these power-ups will take place within 30 minutes, take advantage of it to score the highest score possible.