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Smarty Bubbles

Some descriptions of Smarty Bubbles

Welcome to Smarty Bubbles, where you control a cannon to burst as many bubbles as possible. You need to destroy the balls of the same color as the bullet.

Balloons with different colors such as green, blue, red, purple, and so on are on a piston. The game will also equip you with a cannon at the bottom of the screen. This cannon will continuously generate balls of the same color as the balls on the piston. You shoot bullets so that the bubbles match and explode. This game has bubbles with different colors, which helps to activate your creativity. In addition, you also need to be quick to find the position of the bubbles on the piston and aim for the bullet. This game is a simple challenge but equally interesting, do not ignore it.

Break all the bubbles

You can easily aim by using the mouse, you rely on the color of the bullet to determine its target. You need to shoot the bullet at a combination of at least three bubbles of the same color to make it explode. Since these bubbles are hanging from a piston, the pistons will be pushed towards your cannon. If you make these balls touch the cannon, you will lose. One thing you also need to pay attention to is that these bullets will not be generated based on the bubbles on the piston. Sometimes it will generate bubbles that do not match the bubbles on the piston. In this case, you can shoot it at another combination of balls of the same color, when this combination of balls of the same color explodes, the ball of the different color you just shot will also explode.