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Solitaire Big

All information about Solitaire Big

Solitaire Big is a card game where you need to arrange the jumbled cards into the deck so that it has the same suit and the same color. These cards will be arranged into 6 bones with different suits, these cards have been arranged in a mess. In addition, on these columns there will be some hidden cards, you need to flip them to be able to arrange them into the deck. This game will definitely train you patience as well as reasoning ability, you also have to be sharp to find the right positions for the cards. Combine these skills and you'll be entertained while improving yourself. This game is extremely fun, what are you waiting for join the Basketball Random Unblocked website and play it.

Arranging the card follows the rule

As I said above, these cards have been shuffled and divided into six columns, some of which have been hidden. You change the position of the cards on the column to flip hidden cards, the more cards are revealed the easier it is to arrange the cards. To arrange the cards above 6 columns, you will arrange them in order from largest to smallest and that of consecutive cards cannot be the same, this will give you an advantage when arranging cards. into the deck. The sorted cards will be divided into 4 columns corresponding to 4 suits, they are hearts, checkers, diamonds, and spades, the cards arranged here must have a value from low to high. On the top left of the card, there is a column of cards, you can flip each card to arrange it into 6 columns, which makes you quickly flip the cards. You can also increase the difficulty of the game by flipping 3 cards at once. In general, you just need to arrange all the cards into the deck according to the rules of the game to complete the task of the game.