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Street Hoops

Ready for the intriguing challenges

The rule of Street Hoops

Do not hesitate to join in the creative challenges of Street Hoops, this is a basketball simulator where you have to throw many balls into the basket.

This game is inspired by the Basketball Random Unblocked game, you will have to consecutively throw balls into the basket. However this game is not a competition, this is the place to test your basketball ability. You will not have to play against anyone other than yourself, you will be given a certain number of balls and have to try to put as many balls in the basket as possible. Are you ready for this mission? Play and experience the action of professional basketball.

Throw the ball in the basket

For each match, you will have 10 balls, and each ball will be similar to 100 points, the more balls are put into the basket, the higher your total score will be. The passes will be brought to you in turn order, meaning you can only pick a new ball when you throw the old ball into the basket. The ball will be placed in random locations on the map, you cannot move its position but can only align the throwing force of the ball. You use the mouse and click on the ball to start aligning the throwing force for the ball. You drag up to increase the throwing force and drag down to reduce the throwing force, then release the mouse to throw the ball. After throwing the ball, your character will stand below the basket, this character will jump up and throw the ball into the basket.

Some things you need to notice

The basketball will be easily thrown out if you apply a lot of force to the ball, so when aligning the force you have to do it properly. An equalizing force is the force located in the three-quarters of the arrow, in addition, the force alignment depends on the position of the ball. If the ball is farther from the basket you should apply more force, similarly, you apply less force when the ball is near the basket. You should not use all the force as that will cause the ball to fly off the screen.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is that not every time you throw the ball into the basket, you will be scored, but it also depends on your character at the bottom of the screen. If you throw the ball into the basket without the force of this character, the ball will not count. You throw the ball so that the ball is close to the wall of the basket and this character will jump up to catch the ball and put it into the basket.