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Subway Surfers

All about Subway Surfers

The beginning of the world tour

Subway Surfers will bring you a great adventure, you will follow Jake on an adventure to many different countries and escape from the strict cop.

Coming to the game Subway Surfers you will be involved in an adventure transfer to many different countries. This adventure will start in New York City, Jake's hometown, where he is having some misunderstanding with the policeman so now he is trying to run away from the policeman's pursuit. close. This policeman will pursue Jake to many different countries, and he will not give up until he catches Jake. What are you waiting for without joining this exciting adventure? Help Jake escape the chase and explore all the countries of the world.

Play as different characters

The policeman is a very persistent person, so while you are on the run you can also dress up as many different characters. One character that you can easily dress up as is Tricky, this is a naughty girl and you can own it for 3 coins. There are also other beastly characters like Lucy (a rock star), Tagbot (a robot), a ninja, and so on. However, you will have to spend a lot of money to be able to own these characters. In addition, you can also collect keys to unlock costumes for these characters and make the race even more interesting.

Overcome obstacles and run from the chase of police

The adventure through different countries is also not easy when you have to face a lot of obstacles. Barriers appear with different heights that make you have to jump or slide to be able to cross them. For the ships, you need to avoid or move up the slides to be able to pass them. Use the up arrow key to jump up and the down arrow key to slide. While jumping on ships, you can swipe left or right twice to skip the land in the middle. While moving you may encounter bumps, which only make the police closer to you, but can't catch you. But when you stumble twice in a row or hit your head on a ship, you lose immediately.