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Some things you need to know about

Welcome to the game, where you must try to survive and fight other opponents to expand your territory. Are you ready to make the great territory?

This is a survival game so you will have a very dramatic experience. You must be very careful not to be destroyed by other players, in addition, you also need to come up with the right tactics to expand your territory. The number of territories in this game is limited, so you must fight with other players to get the territory. You can also invade other players' territories and even destroy them as long as you can expand your territory. This game is very attractive, what are you waiting for without playing this game?

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About gameplay

The gameplay of this game is quite simple when you just need to use the mouse to control your character. Each hexagon block is a plot of land, you must try to collect as many land cells as possible to score the highest score and be on the leaderboard. You collect land by controlling your character to mark the plots of land, but that's not enough, you need to return to your territory to merge the part of your territory you just marked. This enclosed area will also protect you from the attacks of other opponents. When you are in this territory, no opponent can attack you.

Some tips for you to get a high score

As I said above, the amount of land in this game is limited, so you need to attack other opponents to occupy their land. Your goal is the players outside their territory, when you spot the target you have to move quickly over their head and destroy them. You note that, when you do not cross the opponent's head but hit their tail, you will lose. To protect yourself from surprise attacks, move close to your territory.