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Ten Basket

The gameplay of Ten Basket

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge in the Ten Basket game? You will have to hit the ball into the basket continuously to win the highest score.

Each time you play, you will be given ten balls equivalent to ten times being put the ball into the basket. The ball that you have to throw will be placed anywhere on the screen and the basket will be placed in a fixed position. You use to determine the direction of the ball by using the mouse, you can place the mouse anywhere and drag the mouse. The game will create dashed lines so you can determine the direction of the ball's movement. However, the more points you score, the shorter the cut-off line will make it more difficult for you to get the ball into the basket. The position where you place the mouse will also play an important role, if you set it too low, when dragging the mouse it will fly off the screen and you will fail to aim and put the ball into the basket. If you use all ten turns to put the ball in the basket, the game will end and your highest score will be saved.

Choose your favorite ball

You can also play different balls by scoring and its score will also increase gradually. Since this is a basketball game, the basketball will be the default ball and the other balls will be unlocked according to the number of points you achieve. The ball will increase exponentially for example a tennis ball costs the tennis ball and subsequent balls only increase by ten points. But the special ball in the last place is the earth which has seven hundred fifty points. You have to play really well to get the highest score and play the ball you like.