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Tiny Fishing

The interesting things about Tiny Fishing

Some features

Tiny Fishing will entertain you after a tiring day of work, you will play the role of an old man who has to upgrade his fishing rod and catch fish.

In this game, you will play as an old fisherman who is fishing in an ice hole. Because you are fishing in inclement weather, it will be difficult to catch big fish. Surface water is small fish that give you a fairly low profit, you should upgrade your fishing rod and try to reach the fish in the deep water. These fish are large in size, so they will bring you high economic profits. Thanks to this fishing money, you can upgrade your gear and customize it to your liking.

Catch the fish

The way to fish the fish in this game is also very simple, you just need to click to drop the fishing line. When you drop the fishing line, the fishing line will be dropped automatically until it reaches its maximum length and automatically retracts. At this point, you need to move the hook to the corners of the tank to be able to fish the fish you like. This rod picks up the line very quickly, so you also have to be very flexible so that you don't miss a single fish. So when the fishing rod gets the maximum amount of fish it will immediately collect and you complete a fishing turn.

Upgrade your tools and rob

Upgrade the tools to make more money

You can upgrade your rod based on 2 criteria that are the maximum amount of fish and the length of the line. Upgrading the maximum amount of fish helps you to catch more fish in one shot while upgrading the length of the rod will give you access to fish in the deep water. These fish cost more to help you buy what you like faster. Also, you should pay attention to the goldfish, the goldfish bring about five times the profit of fish of the same size. In addition, you can also make money offline by raising fish in the tank, these things take a long time and do not bring much profit.

Custom yout rob

Every time you go fishing, the game will extract 10% of the profit converted in the form of coins, these coins will help you buy a new hook. In the game shop, there are many rods with different shapes such as cats and four-leaf clovers. You only need to spend 500 coins to randomly unlock a fishing rod.