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Tomb Runner

About Tomb Runner

Participate in Tomb Runner to accumulate many gems and escape. You must pass many challenges and obstacles to run as far as possible and select new characters.

Your run begins as soon as you steal the diamond. So, to avoid the anger of God, you must run while avoiding obstacles along the way. In the beginning, you will receive the guide for running, so do not worry. You can jump over it by hitting the up arrow when you come across a bit of an opening. You can make a right or left turn to avoid going off the track when there are wide gaps. As an alternative, there are a few little gaps. There are numerous large tree trunks obstructing your path. Slide past them by pressing the down arrow button. They only create a place to slide through, so if you jump up, you will perish. Keep your concentration so you do not lose.

Furthermore, there is an equally important task for you. You have to collect as many gems as possible. They will help you change your character. The more gems you earn, the more characters you unlock. You control your character by the arrow key.

Some great features of Tomb Runner

The ultimate characters

In this game, there are many characters for you to select from. They include Lara Bones, Mummy, Agent 99, the hip Disco Dancer, and much more. Their prices correspond to the outstanding features and features they offer. Choose the supreme characters to run the longest distance.

Many power-ups

During the run, you will encounter a lot of power-ups. They will support you in overcoming the challenge. You can earn more gems thanks to magnets. You can also not lose your life when crashing into the trunk, thanks to the shield. Let's try to collect as many power-ups as possible.