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UNO Online

Functions of the cards

UNO Online is a simple game that will give you endless hours of entertainment. Your mission in this game is to be the first to finish the cards.

First, we need to learn about the cards and their functions. First are the regular cards with values from zero to one and these cards will be divided into four colors. The cards are especially forbidden cards with the function of holding cards and changing direction. Next is the color-changing card. When you activate this card, you can change it to any color you want. Finally, there are bonus cards, you can make the next player have to draw two or three more cards and can also change the color of the cards.

Learn about UNO Online's rules

In this game, you can play this game in 3 different modes but all of these modes have the same rules. For regular cards, you can play cards by color or other value. For example, if your opponent plays a card of 2 gold, you can play a card of any color with a value of 2, and you can also play a yellow card with any value. Banned and reversed cards will also work similarly. Color-changing cards can be used when you do not have a suitable card. As a plus 2 and plus 3 card, you can only use it when you do not have a suitable card. If you try to play this card but you still have a suitable card and receive a challenge, you will have to pick up more. The number of cards is equal to the value of the card. A special thing is that when you have 1 card left you need to click the Uno button to notify all other players. If you don't Uno and let another player discover it, you will have to draw 2 more cards. Those are the rules of this game, follow the rules and have fun moments in this game.