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Block Puzzle

Some descriptions

Let's create moments of entertainment with the Block Puzzle game, you need to arrange tetrominoes with different shapes and remove them from the board.

Your task in this game is to arrange tetromino blocks of different shapes into a 9x9 board. These blocks will appear in 3 positions on the screen, but they will dry out in sets of 3. This means that you do not need to arrange all 3 boxes in the new block panel to appear. presently. When you arrange a tetromino block on the board, a new tetromino block will immediately appear. You use your mouse to drag the tetromino block you want onto the map, besides you can also change the direction of the block by clicking the change key at the bottom of the map. To be able to destroy a tetromino block from the board you must form a row of 9 tetromino blocks side by side horizontally or vertically to destroy it. This game has 3 game modes so the rules of the game will also be different for each mode, I will introduce these modes shortly.

Challenge yourself in 3 hard mode

  • In the Time mode: you will play in the allotted time, and a clock will appear on the left side of the screen. Each time you play you will be given a default time of 2 minutes 30 seconds, you can also extend your playing time by collecting clocks that appear on the board. When the time ends, your playing time will also end.
  • In the Bomb mode: Bombs will appear randomly on the board, you have to defuse the bomb by destroying the tetrominoes at the bomb's location. For each bomb, you will have a defuse time of 10 seconds, these bombs can also appear together. Your game will end as soon as the bomb explodes.
  • In the Free mode: You will be able to arrange blocks comfortably until you have no space to place new tetromino blocks.