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Slam Dunk Basketball

Introduce Slam Dunk Basketball

Different from other games on Basketball Random Unblocked

Slam Dunk Basketball will not let you down with its exciting gameplay. You will bounce the ball and put it in the basket in the fastest time possible

This game has a completely different way of playing from different basketball games like Basket Slam that you used to play on Basketball Random Unblocked. You don't have to participate in fierce battles, nor do you have to run around the football field just to get the opponent's ball anymore. Here, you will have a separate ball, your task is to bounce the ball to make it into the basket. It sounds simple but it is extremely difficult, your ball is quite small, and the basket is also quite small but the playing area is quite large. This makes it difficult for you to determine the exact drop position to put the ball in the basket, more difficult challenges will also be updated when you get a high score.

Challenges you will face

You left-click to bounce the balls and put them in the basket, with each click your ball will fly a little higher and move forward gradually. When you stop clicking the ball you will fall to the sieve at a fast speed, but you won't lose because this game is timed. You will have a fixed time to put the ball in the basket, you will fail if you do not put the ball in the basket in the required time. Moreover, the more times you put the ball into the basket, the shorter the time you will take the challenge. Not stopping there, when winning a high score, the baskets have the ability to move up and down making it more difficult for you to put the ball in the basket.

Upgrade your character's skin

Like other basketball games, you can also upgrade skins for your balls but this also becomes more difficult than in other games when it is purchased with stars. Each time you play the game you will earn an average of 10 to 15 stars, but these balls cost an average of 100 stars, so this is a pretty big number. You have to play really hard to buy a new skin for your ball. Of these balls, the basketball is the default ball, which means you will not spend money to buy it. Other interesting balls that you will have a chance to own are, soccer balls, tennis balls, and even billiard balls, and so on.

In addition, you can also change the color of the playing area, the game has created 4 main colors for you to choose from: navy blue, green, deep red, and violet. This mode is completely free, so you can flexibly change the background of the game.