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Geometry Jump

Face the obstacles in Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump is an adventure in a tunnel full of spikes, you have to be very agile to help your character jump over obstacles and reach the finish line.

This is a fast-paced game that combines different playstyles to challenge your reflexes. In the first stage, you will control receiving objects walking on the path of thorns, these obstacles have been identified, and you can easily find a solution for your character. In the later stages, obstacles appear only when you are about to approach them, making it difficult for you to be alert and prone to failure. Every time you pass through the space gate, the obstacles will be reset, these space gates are also checkpoint points. When you die this game will bring you back to the checkpoint and you can continue playing. This game also takes place in different levels, you can only complete the distance ahead to unlock the distance behind.

You can easily control your character with the mouse or the keys on the keyboard. By the mouse, you left-click to jump, in some modes, you can double-click to make your character jump higher. If you do not want to control with the mouse you can also press the up arrow key on the keyboard to control your character to move forward.

Unlock new skin for your character

This game has tons of interesting skins in the shop. These skins have a variety of designs and colors to suit the preferences of each player. If you are a science lover, the game has skins like UFOs, robots, and so on. If you are a biology lover, the game has skins in the shape of apes, monkeys, and more. Some skins are already unlocked, but some are locked. You don't have to spend money to buy these costumes, but you have to pass the levels of the game to unlock them. This mission is not too difficult, I believe you can pass it and get the outfit you want.