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HOOPS the Game

Some descriptions of HOOPS the Game

Ready for challenges

Don't be afraid to participate in the exciting basketball experience in HOOPS the Game, where you need to constantly transfer the ball between the baskets.

You have played many types of basketball on the Basketball Random Unblocked website, but I am sure that this game will surprise you with its unique gameplay. In other games, you will have to compete with other players or throw the ball into a fixed basket. However, this game has a completely different way of playing, the balls are already five in a basket. Your task is to aim and shoot so that the ball flies into other baskets on the screen, each time you put the ball into the basket, you also score a point. This game also has no time limit so play it carefully to get the highest score possible.

Choose your favorite ball

The orange basketball is the default ball of the game, if you do not like this ball, the game still has countless other options for you. These balls will range in price from 15 dollars to 200 dollars. These balls have no difference in shape and size, their difference is shown in color.

The principles of this game

The ball is already placed in a basket, you use and drag the ball toward the other basket. When aligning, you need to drag the mouse down to create a force that pushes the ball toward the other basket. While aligning a dashed line will appear on the screen and you rely on it to align. After you have a stable alignment, you just need to release the mouse and the ball will automatically bounce. If you align properly and apply a steady force to the ball, it will fall into the basket. If you misalign or apply too much force to the ball, it will fall out and game over. An interesting thing is that the next baskets appear only after you put the ball into the existing basket. Since this game will give you points every time you put the ball in the basket, it will also pose some challenges when you get a high score. Specifically, when you get a high score, the mouth of the basket will be tilted or will not face the ball, making it difficult for you to put the ball into the basket. Whatever the challenge, I believe you can overcome it with your own skills.